DSB 2021

The laboratory of Bioinformatics and Experimental Algorithm (BIAS) at University of Milan-Bicocca organizes the 7th edition of the Data Structures in Bioinformatics (DSB) workshop.

Life sciences in general, and particularly biology, are experiencing a revolution due technological innovations that allow easy, efficient, and comparatively unexpensive data acquisition. With these, life scientists can now obtain in a single experiment enough sequences to reconstruct an entire Human genome sequence. Similar technological breakthroughs also arise in imaging or in bio-logging.

Analysing such volume of data requires sophisticated algorithms and data structures. The design of efficient and scalable computational solutions arise mostly from computer science.

DSB is conceived as an incubator of ideas, and collaborations. To this aim, DSB sets up a forum with a relaxed atmosphere and appropriately small group of participants over a usually two days meeting. It alternates invited or contributed presentations, which expose state of the art techniques and recent advances in the field, with long periods of discussion.

The Workshop will take place virtually on Febraury 11 and 12 with a total of 19 talks, the full programme is available at https://dsb-meeting.github.io/DSB2021/