ALPACA / PANGAIA Winter Wet Lab School

Bratislava, Slovakia Feb 1-8, 2023

Preliminary registration before September 23, 2022

Wet-lab part: Feb 1 (morning) – Feb 4 (evening) 

Social: Feb 5

Analysis part: Feb 5 (evening) – Feb 8 (evening)

Limited space is available for the wet lab part. 

All are welcome for the analysis part.

Registration for the whole event: approx. 900 EUR

Registration for the analysis workshop only: approx. 200 EUR

(the cost includes lab consumables, sequencing, lab supervision, lunches, coffee-breaks, social; the cost does not include travel, accommodation, dinners)

The ALPACA students and selected participants for PANGAIA will be covered from the common pot of the corresponding project

(exact mechanism to be determined by the project administrators)

Venue: Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Natural Sciences (wet lab) / Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics (analysis)

Recommended accommodation:

The participants (in small groups) will prepare samples of different strains of a non-conventional yeast species from subphylum Saccharomycotina for sequencing and sequence the sample with Oxford Nanopore MinION. No previous experience with wet lab is required. The lab work will be accompanied with necessary background lectures. The focus of the analysis part will be on analysis of the data produced during the wet lab part of the school, augmented with additional data sets produced ahead of the school, with both traditional and pangenomic methods. The plan is to produce a joint paper at the end of the analysis workshop (most likely Microbiology Resource Announcements, G3, DNA Research or similar). 

If needed, administrative meetings can be attached to the analysis part.