Pangenome sequencing and analysis

The PANGAIA 2nd Annual Workshop on Computational Pangenomics will take place after WABI 2022 in Potsdam, September 7-9. The workshop will consist of keynotes, invited talks and networking events around the topic of computational pangenomics.


  • Christina Boucher
  • Paul Medvedev
  • Gene Myers

Invited talks:

  • Rayan Chikhi
  • Camille Marchet
  • Erin K. Molloy
  • Knut Reinert
  • Mathias Weller


Wednesday, September 7

  • Leena Salmela: Efficient solutions to biological problems using de Bruijn graphs
  • Knut Reinert: Hierarchical Interleaved Bloom Filter: Enabling ultrafast, approximate sequence queries
  • PANGAIA network meeting, part I (Paola Bonizzoni)
  • Social event: Boat tour including dinner and drinks

Thursday, September 8

  • PANGAIA network meeting, part II (Paola Bonizzoni)
  • Camille Marchet: Round table discussion
  • Mathias Weller: Peer Community in bioinformatics
  • Christina Boucher: Computational Problems in Metagenomic Amplification
  • Erin K. Molloy: Recent advances and open challenges in estimating evolutionary histories from low-homoplasy markers
  • Rayan Chikhi: Metagenome assembly and analysis
  • Paul Medvedev: The theoretical analysis of sequencing bioinformatic algorithms
  • Open problems session (Travis Gagie)

Friday, September 9

  • Hackathon (Rayan Chikhi)
  • Gene Myers: High Fidelity Genome Sequencing: What have we been missing?

The full schedule is available here.